Citizens Take Up Responsibilities

SIGN Takes Up The Job Of Elected Representatives

Monsoon season every year is the litmus test for infrastructure authorities, who show their true colours. As if it is not enough that CR Park, is the most neglected colony in South Delhi, on top, during monsoons, every road in the colony is seen to be either broken or caved in. The authorities coolly shrug their shoulders when approached with any grievances, denying all sort of responsibilities towards the colony.

Pavements are left gaping after any civil work for months, uprooted trees are lying unattended, broken and dead after rain or storm, obstructing traffic and adding to the woes of the increasing traffic in the colony, markets are stinking from days of uncleared garbage and waterlogged areas, raising alarming risks of bacterial and viral outbreaks.

Encroached and dirty pavements have been a regular feature from time immemorial with bribe ruling the roost for all encroachers doing brisk business and not a care in the world for rules and regulations.

Residents alas, are left with no option, but to take up the shovels in their hands, and do make shift repair of public roads, lest any resident/child/senior citizen may just accidently fall into the gorges created by the rain gods.

And this is what SIGN members did on a Sunday morning, to temporarily close the gaping holes in the main road opposite Shyama Prasad Govt School in B Block. Members, with their hands, mixed cement and stone chips and spread over the holes with shovels and large stones.  This is obviously a temporary solution, which may again cave in under the pressure of torrential rains.

Such a sorry state of affairs, that we have to pay taxes through our noses and then also mend roads with our money! This is the present and who knows, could be the future as well, when the state govt has hijacked all welfare activities, without even a shadow of guilt or regret.

We wonder, how much money the govt and the authorities want to and need to amass, at the expense of the lives of the residents of the colony. God save us!

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