Water Crisis Affects F Block Of CR Park

Water Crisis Affects Areas Of F Block CR Park:

Urgent Appeal to Delhi Jal Board To Address This Issue


The residents of F Block in CR Park, are grappling with an acute water crisis off and on from many months now. In light of this dire situation, we appeal to the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) to promptly address the water scarcity issue and alleviate the suffering of the residents.

The scarcity of water has given rise to numerous challenges that the residents of F Block CR Park are currently facing. Apart from the hygiene concerns related to unwashed clothes, the lack of water availability has also affected other aspects of their lives. Cooking, cleaning, and maintaining basic sanitation have become arduous tasks. Families are forced to restrict their water usage, which puts a strain on their overall health and well-being. The mental stress of the situation is also a humungous issue !!

The water crisis in F Block CR Park demands the immediate attention of the Delhi Jal Board. The residents have been patient for far too long, enduring the daily struggle without a sustainable solution in sight. It is crucial for the DJB to intervene promptly and implement effective measures to mitigate the water shortage in this area.


Addressing the Issue:

To tackle this pressing issue, the residents request the Delhi Jal Board to consider the following steps:

Investigate the cause: Conduct a thorough assessment to identify the root cause of the water shortage in F Block CR Park. Understanding the underlying reasons will enable the DJB to develop targeted solutions.


Increase water supply: Ensure a sufficient and regular supply of water to meet the daily requirements of the residents. This may involve exploring additional sources or implementing measures to optimize the distribution network.


Infrastructure improvement: Upgrade and maintain the existing water infrastructure in F Block CR Park to prevent leakages and optimize the water distribution system. This will help reduce wastage and enhance efficiency.


It is imperative that the Delhi Jal Board to address this pressing issue and take immediate action to provide a consistent and sufficient water supply to the affected residents. By doing so, the DJB can alleviate the hardships faced by the community and restore their access to this basic necessity, ensuring a better quality of life for all.