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Weaving Words into Life's Tapestry:
Poetess & Ex-teacher Swati Das of Pocket 40 Wins Accolades & Recognition


Swati Das, a lifelong educator and a fervent poet, has woven her words into the tapestry of her existence. From her own school days, where her writing would burst forth sporadically, to her full-throttle embrace of the written word after retiring, Swati's journey as a writer is a testament to her enduring passion.


During her professional career, amidst crafting textbooks for grades 6 to 8 under the banner of Wordworth Publisher, Swati also lent her expertise to material production in collaboration with prestigious institutions like CBSE and IGNOU. Her literary explorations ventured into the realm of translation, and her rendition of the renowned tale "Razia" by Rambriksh Benipuri can be found on YouTube at Hindicentre.


While Swati dabbles in various literary forms such as short stories, spontaneous musings, and insightful articles, it is the world of poetry that captivates her heart the most. Life itself serves as her cherished muse, and from its wellspring, she draws inspiration. Her poetry, though elegantly simple, resonates with profound literary depth, encapsulating a diverse array of emotions and experiences.


Swati's poetic prowess has not gone unnoticed, as she has been the recipient of numerous excellence awards from the international poetry collective known as "Poetry Planet." In 2022, she achieved the coveted title of Poet Of The Year, courtesy of Ukiyoto Publishing House.


With six poetry anthologies under her belt and a seventh one simmering in anticipation, Swati's literary journey continues to unfurl. Her creative expression extends to her blog, "Mystique Musings," where she has garnered a dedicated following of poetry enthusiasts who admire her ability to weave magic through words. Although her published anthologies are primarily in English, Swati's love for writing extends to her mother tongue, Bengali, as well.

CR Park speaks brings to you avideo introduction to the poetess of our colony. Please click the YouTube Link to view the short interview.