Know Your Neighbour - Soma Sinha

Soma Sinha, a name synonymous with artistic brilliance, graces us with her enchanting presence.

A serene face with a large “bindi” adorning her forehead, and a shock of curly, black her framing her face, with a wide, greeting smile, is Soma Sinha, a forerunner of Bangla theatre in CR Park. Soma along with her husband Biswajit Sinha, has created some theatrical masterpieces from the long buried history of Bangla theatre, lost in the dust of golden yore that shone brilliantly once upon a time in golden Bengal. An era which produced trailblazers and pathbreakers in literature, theatre, music, dance, and art that inspired generations, won national and global accolades, revolutionised society and vastly impacted the national freedom movement.

An unwavering zeal, relentless energy and  restless passion to dust and revive the forgotten tales of grit and determination of numerous heroes and heroines who charted unpaved paths to transform social norms and taboos through various art forms, is what attracts Soma. She deeply researches a topic for it's social and universal significance before recreating it into a full length stage presentation.

Having founded "Navapalli Natya Sanstha" a theatre group in South Delhi 

she has to her credit, over fifty plays, wining numerous awards from various social organisations including "Bengal Association", the oldest and most respected cornerstone  of the social and cultural tapestry of Delhi.


Among her many stellar performances, Tagore's Gora, Sheser Kobita, Ghare Baire, Pratham Pratishruti, Sister Nivedita, Naxalbari, and numerous solo plays like Swarna Mrinalini, Tinkori Dasi, Raktakarabi, Muktijuddha have garnered most appreciation. She earned tremendous popularity, by essaying the role of Sarbojaya in the magnum opus "Pather Panchali".


Watch the video for an enriching interview with Soma.