Non-Functional Traffic Lights Of CR Park

"Addressing the Consequences of Non-Functional Traffic Lights: Chaos on the Roads"

The two traffic signals bordering Market 1 and 2, have started to function erratically during the peak hours.  The BC Pal road is choked to the brim during morning, afternoon and evening peak hours and the lights hardly function during those times. Anyone would have a heart attack by simply looking at the traffic, forget about trying to cross the road. Senior citizens and children have practically given up to even think of crossing the road around this time. Several times, we have seen in front of our eyes, people from being almost run over by the teeming e-rickshaws, or sharply swerving cars and bikes. 

Absolutely no assistance is provided by the Traffic Police or remotely even by the station cops during these times. They are seen merrily munching on snacks at the markets every evening with their backs to the road. On top of everything, the pavements are merrily dug up by MCD/Jal Board/BSES at the behest of the elected representatives, on the pretext of getting work done, which are still open, dug up, broken and the broken parts scattered all over the erstwhile pavements – an open invitation for anyone to fall at the slightest disbalance and break limbs liberally. The street lights have died long back and their almost fossilized remnants now are mute showpieces.

Sometimes, one feels like strapping a pair of wings and flying over the road to watch mutely the steady degradation of the colony at the hands of the elected representatives and civic authorities.

Will the situation remain like this forever, or can we expect any sense of remote responsibilities to be undertaken by the representatives and authorities to bring some sanity into the colony, or has the colony really and truly “gone to the dogs” and are beyond even consideration of any improvement by them? This sort of hooliganism is only possible in CR Park, where they know that “Bengalis are peace loving” and would not want to ruffle any feathers. They dare not do such rampant plundering of any other colony around CR Park.

Can EBDB kindly take up the issues with the representatives and authorities please? Or can the representatives have some compassion for the residents, who give them so much respect and honour, please atleast improve the traffic and market woes, and implement some law and order? Or are the issues too much to ask for?

CR Park Speaks urges residents to please respond by clicking on the online survey links and inputting their opinions.