Capturing Life's Kaleidoscope: The Journey of Sangeeta Das Banerjee, Economist-Turned-Photographer-Filmmaker

An Economics graduate turned passionate photographer cum filmmaker, is what sums up Sangeeta Das Banerjee. An extremely vibrant personality, whose passion is quality, aesthetics, delivery and repeat, in that order, Sangeeta lives and breathes photography. A profession which she chanced upon purely by accident, now is her identity, which has earned her both recognition and accolades, globally.

Along with photography, she forayed into films a few years back, and has shown her brilliance there as well. Delving into completely unexplored subjects, she deep dives into theory and marries that with contemporary application of the concept to project an entirely unique story on the screen, which her viewers easily identify with. This distinctive treatment towards her subjects has earned her films recognition and screening space with prestigious festivals in Delhi.

Her passion clearly shines through in her exclusive work, which is ably and adorably supported by her doting family. Currently, her film "Navakanya" graces the screens at the Bengal Association Film Festival.

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